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Plein Air Painters of America

At the November Plein Air Painters of America show and sale on California's Catalina Island, Karen Vance caused quite a stir.  The night of the sale she sold all eight of her paintings in 25 minutes.  In fact, when the sales were tallied for the entire show, she had sold the most paintings among 30 participating artists. 

While the Colorado-based landscape painter relishes discovering new locations to paint around the country, she says her favorite scenes are closest to home.  "I live along the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains at 9,500 feet, and I love to paint snow," Vance says.  Indeed, she is best known for her snow and mountain scenes, although nature in general interests her as subject matter.  In her work she constantly strives to convey what she calls the third level of painting.  "That's where the piece becomes a visual symphony that moves the viewer to great emotion," she says. 

Vance cites her teacher Quang Ho as one of the greatest influences on her work, as well as John Singer Sargent from the realm of art history.  She is represented by Smith-Klein Gallery, Boulder and Broomfield, CO; Elk Horn Art Gallery, Winter Park, CO; Evergreen Fine Art, Evergreen, CO; and Montana Gallery of Fine Art, Deer Lodge, MT. -BG 

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